As a Denver CO electrician, we would like to convey the importance of adding new outlets to your residence and/or establishment. We all know what electrical outlets look like because we use them every day, but do we really know what they are?

Let a Denver CO electrician tell you: An electrical outlet is either a single opening or a series of openings that are connected to a power source that is wired in order to power electrical equipment and components.

When you really think about it, where would we be without these little outlets? Most if not all of our household electronics get their power from simply plugging a cord into these components. But what is behind the scenes? How does merely plugging a cord into an outlet make our appliances come to life?

Being the best Denver CO electrician our company can tell you: The plug of the appliance or electronic device transfers power from the outlet to the device that requires it, then a different wire sends the electricity back to its place of origin. Within your home, this is referred to as and electrical panel but is more often referenced as an electrical circuit due to the round-trip route that these currents take.

But where did they come from?

A Denver CO electrician can tell you: During the early 1900s, entrepreneur and inventor, Harvey Hubbell II, in an attempt to discover ways of controlling electricity, created the very first electrical socket and two-pronged plug.

There are many appliances we wish to use in our homes today, and many times the number of outlets that are available prevent us from using them as often as we would like.
Adding new outlets can add utility to your living space and eliminate those ugly and often dangerous extension cords.

Dutch Creek Electric can add a new outlet quickly, usually without tearing open walls.

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