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As electrical contractors Denver CO residents can count on us to provide quality products and installation services. The electrical service panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. While it distributes power to all outlets and lighting in your home, it’s most important function is to provide protection from circuit overload.

“Should I upgrade my electrical service?”

This is a question homeowners ask frequently. There are two reasons why a homeowner might want to upgrade their service. One is safety. The other reason is to increase the electrical systems capacity. An upgrade of an electrical service typically involves an older residence with service size of 100 amps or less and the homeowner is deciding whether to increase the amperage.

If you are adding new appliance, such as air conditioning or a hot tub, an increase in service size may be required.

Safety Concerns

As veterans in this industry, we are electrical contractors Denver CO customers can rely on to keep them up to date with the most efficient products.

There are many homes out there with panels manufactured between 1950 and 1980. A lot of folks might think, “Well, this panel has been here all these years and I’ve never had a problem. Why should I do something now?”

Our response to that is these panels and breakers can be as old as 50 years old. Anything that is 50 years old is due for replacement, no matter what it is, especially if it is guarding your home and family. In addition if called upon to trip, many of these breakers trip too late to prevent damage or may fail to trip at all.

Our company is a group experienced electrical contractors Denver CO clients have entrusted their electrical needs to for years. We do the necessary research and provide our serves based on results. Tests have shown that more than half of the breakers tested failed to trip at 135 percent of their rated load. This means when the circuit breaker is supposed to be protecting a circuit at 20 amps and should trip at anything over 20 amps, it still failed to trip at 27 amps. That is a very serious problem and the heat that can build up in an extended overload period could ultimately break down components of your wiring and lead to a fire. We never know when a fault may occur that would result in a tripping breaker.
Dutch Creek Electric are electrical contractors Denver CO customers can count on!

For more information on this subject you can go to www.ismypanelsafe.com

Benefits of an Electrical Service Upgrade.

Besides the increase in available amperage, a modern state-of-the-art electrical service will provide peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected 24/7.

A new electrical service may also increase the value of your home and will most certainly be a selling point when the time comes to sell your home. In fact, many older electrical services will not pass inspection and will need to be replaced as a condition of the sale. So why not do it now and enjoy the peace of mind?

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