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Once or twice a year the local news stations do an exposé on service companies up-selling unnecessary repairs and replacement of household heating, cooling and electrical equipment. They frequently use scare tactics to close the deal. They tell you that you are in immanent danger of CO2 poisoning or that your house will soon burn down. These news stories never seem to address the root cause of these practices. The companies/technicians guilty of these practices use a business model that compensates the technician by commission only.

Think about that. The tech standing in front of you telling you that you need a new circuit breaker panel only gets a pay check if he sells you something. The size of his check is dependent on the total dollar value of his sales. If you were buying a used car this relationship would be ok because you know the score when you walk into the dealership. In addition you can go on the internet and you know the value of the car you are looking at.

At the other end of the spectrum are the guys we like to call “Chuck with a Truck”. Their prices are unbeatable! They have a truck with a magnetic sign on the door. Some tools. Maybe a license, maybe not. Do they have liability insurance? How about workman’s comp. If one of their employees gets hurt while on the job at you home do they file a claim with their agent or does the employee sue you, the home owner?

How do you protect yourself and get quality work at a fair price?

Find out how the company pays their Techs.
Ask for copies of liability and workman’s comp policies.
Get a lien release prior to final payment.
Check to see that the company and the technician are licensed.
Check for reviews.

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